mount and blade warband hile

Mount and Blade: Warband Hile is a MMORPG that you can play for free. It is, in a way, the modern alternative to the classic Quest series, offering much more freedom and customization than its predecessors. Since this game is not out yet, we will now have a chance to see how it will be like when it finally gets released. I’ll also tell you about my own opinion on the game and whether or not it’s worth your time to download it.

Like most MMORPGs, in this game you will basically start as an individual. You can create your own customizable character and head straight to combat. Of course, things are much more dynamic when you take on another character, but that’s another story. In the game proper, you start off by being a guard who has just been hired to guard Lord Farron’s kingdom. The game then transitions into your quest to defeat the Lich King, and much of that is played on your journey to get there.

The combat is much like most of the games in this genre. There is a combo system where you can execute multiple attacks at a time, which is easy to follow and manage. You can attack faster, execute more attacks, switch between swords and maces and even staves in between, making it very easy to chain and synchronize your attacks. Since you have so much choice when it comes to weaponry, it’s always good to mix things up and see what works.

When you’re on the offense, you can use your mount to help you attack faster, get to the right positions faster and perform powerful strikes. You can also use your mount as an offensive unit, pushing other classes back or taking them down with powerful mounted attacks. These include stomping attacks, dual sword attacks and shield bashes. Your mount can even execute quick kills. You can do these all while moving at a great speed, which makes it very exciting.

The class roster is huge, too. There are nine classes including three “Specialist” types who specialize in different weapons and features. Each class can equip themselves with a variety of mounts, wagons and bombs that can aid them in their quests. You can even swap weapons, like your mace being a mace and your hammer being an axe. The combinations are endless.

The action in the game is quite fast and pretty intense for a medieval game. You’ll see lots of sword swinging, slashing and pummeling. When it starts to slow down, though, that’s when the real action starts to happen. It’s really fast and intense for a game that is only played in single player. This means that if you like multiplayer games, this is not the game for you.

The controls are relatively simple, as well. You can toggle between using the left mouse button or the right mouse button to perform the actions you need to perform. The keyboard can be used for certain functions, but you don’t have a lot of options. Since there are so many buttons to click on, it’s hard to accidentally perform an action that you didn’t mean to. Even still, this game has a tutorial option that teaches you how to utilize the controls in the game.

If you love multiplayer games, this one has a great base to start with. If you find it a bit slow and lackluster action, however, that’s just fine. Either way, the Mount and Blade Warband Hile will give you hours of great time playing an action packed game. I really recommend it!

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