Buzzsumo is an online content research engine where you can get information from different sources, to make sense of your content in the most effective way. On this page, Buzzsumo provides a number of features to assist you in your SEO journey, so you can nearly do everything with right content research. You can use Buzzsumo as a research tool, a content analysis tool and a content proofing tool all at once. In addition, the SEO group buy tools offered by this platform compliment other strategies you’ll take to optimize your website.

Buzzsumo has an in-built Content Analysis function that helps you understand your keywords and traffic. If you’re using buzzsumo as a research tool, this is a crucial function. Not only will you gain huge insights on your audience and the hot topics they’re searching for, but you’ll also get access to in-depth report on search trends and traffic analysis.

SEO tools offered by Buzzsumo

SEO Group buy tools offered by buzzsumo include a shared Google Toolbar, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google XML Storage. All of these tools can help you analyze how people use your website to get the most out of it and to make money out of it. The shared Google Toolbar is one of the best tools for sharing links with your competitor’s quickly identify hot topics, locate specific keywords and perform advanced analytics.

The Google Analytics JavaScript code can also be used with buzzsumo, providing you with a rich insight into how your audience uses your site. You can use the Google Analytics JavaScript code to get a list of the sites users visit, what pages they open, how often they scroll, how long they spend on any given page and which links they click on. You can then make quick summaries of what your visitors want to know and what they’re looking for. With the Google XML Storage, you can access huge data sets on your subscribers and find out which web pages people least like to open and which ones bring in the most traffic. And lastly, with the Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll be able to quickly identify broken links, problems with navigation, missing links, obsolete data and much more.

Trending Content Research

There are many more features than mentioned above, but the three most important ones are getting daily trending content research, getting access to the Google XML Storage and Google Toolbar. The Buzzsumo paid version provides everything that the free version does, but it also comes with the Google Storage. This gives you access to an extensive amount of trending news and data that can be used in the development of your marketing campaigns. If you want to know about what’s going on in the market, get daily trending content research, use the Google toolbar and buzzsumo together to give you the information you need.

With this powerful platform, you can easily build your list of responsive and active influencers. These influencers will help you promote your products by exchanging links. As the Buzzsumo has a built-in algorithm that identifies good content, you won’t have to pay for advertising. All you need to do is send out messages to the recommended influencers informing them that you have something new to offer and that they should forward the information to their contacts. Once you have backlinks pointing to your site, traffic starts pouring in.


There are other social media sites where you can publish your Buzzsumo content. My favorite is Facebook because it’s very easy to set up and if you have a Facebook fan page, it’s even easier to add buzzsumo to it! Just go to add a new page and find content on Buzzsumo. You can publish anything you want – photos, videos, blog posts, links and anything else. When your fan page or hub page is published, you can immediately see the changes in Google search engine rank and engagement. And with social media, there’s almost never a time to be without communication.

This is how you use Buzzsumo to find influencers and create buzz for your business. From creating feeds to finding conversations to publishing to sharing, it’s easy and it works. The best part is that it’s free!

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